What is in your supermarket

08/20/2015 Posted by Vegan Power

Walk down the center aisles of any supermarket and you will be surrounded by cartons, cans and jars that represent our modern diet. Processed, prefabbed foods, perennially ready to eat, warm up, dine out, dash in - for those on the go. If you don't see the USDA Certified Organic or Non-GMO Verified label, you can count on GMO ingredients inside those containers. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) estimates that more than 75% of those packaged, processed, center-of-the-store foods contain genetically modified ingredients. What in the world are they and what is all the fuss about?.

What is not in organic foods

7/17/2015 Posted by Vegan Power

Children chomping on fresh fruit stirs a healthy picture in most people’s minds. That is until, of course, one realizes that the fruits and vegetables sold on supermarket shelves are clothed in deadly pesticides. These noxious chemicals remain on food even after they are washed and cooked, and have been linked to a host of maladies, including cancer, birth defects and nerve damage.

The time has come to switch to organic. More and more people are opting for unrefined plant food as a substitute for the poison that major food companies shovel down our throats. The evidence is mounting that organic food is a healthy alternative to the Frankenfood artificially created in a lab. Here are the top 10 reasons to always purchase organic.